Irene Samanta

samantaIrene Samanta obtained a degree (B.A.) in Business Administration, M.Sc. in International Marketing from University of Paisley (UK) and Ph.D. from then University of the West of Scotland (UK). Her Ph.D. research was on the modelling the relationships in B2B firms under e-marketing practices. Her main research interests are in the areas of marketing, e-relationships, e-marketing, international marketing and research methods.

At the present time she is working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Business Administration University of West Attica. She is an academic Coordinator in M.Sc.  International Business Management Programme. She is  moderator in two modules at the M.Sc. in International Business Management and she has taught for six years in M.Sc. in International Marketing of the University of the West of Scotland She has supervised a number of M.Sc. Dissertations.

She is  also a member of the editorial board  of the scientific journals of Marketing and Operations Management Research and of Knowledge Society Research, as well in   editorial board of several International Conferences and  book chapters.  

She participates as Researcher in following Projects “Analysis of the factors affecting e-customer satisfaction”, “Internal Marketing in Banking Sector” and “Iinvestigation of expertise in education” financed by European projects, Archimedes I and Archimedes II. Regarding her publication track record, she has  published one Monography in Lampert Publishing Company ,Germany.  She is    Editor of a Chapter Book titled “Strategic Marketing in Fragile Economic Conditions” Publishing by IGI GLOBAL USA. She is author or co-author of several papers in various scientific journals, chapter-books, conference proceedings, and several articles   in commercial journals of Commercial and Industry Chamber of Piraeus. She is co-author of seven text books.

Research activity in two last years:    

Samanta Irene – Labrakis Ath. (2018) “Modern Leadership Types and Outcomes: The case of Greek Public Sector” International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management INTERSCIENCE PUBLISHERS

Samanta Irene (2018)  Gaining a Continuous Retaining Relationship with Customers in Mobile Sector Digital Marketing and Consumer Engagement: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications p. 444-459 IGI Global

Samanta Irene  (2017)  The Effect of the Marketing Strategy in Performance of the  Pharmaceutical Sector in Socio-Economic Perspectives on Consumer Engagement and Buying Behavior.  Socio-economic Perspectives on  Customer Engagement and Buying Behavior (AMCRMES)  Book Series p.278

2017 April 28-30, Athens, Greece Modern Leadership Types and Outcomes: The case of Greek Public Sector Samanta Irene - A. Labrakis 9th International Conference  EBEEC 2017 The Economies of Balkan and Eastern Europe Countries in the changed world

2017 November 12, 9th NCM Conferences, Istanbul, Turkey, The Integration of Information Technology to Facilitate HRM Functions: The Case of Health Care Sector (Biomedicine Group of Companies) C. Arfara, G. Tsivos, Samanta Irene, P. Kyriazopoulos


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